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It’s like butter!

My skin looks so much better in the morning after using the Moon Velvet Sleeping Mask!


I’ve never felt better about a product before and I’m a product junky but, I have to honestly say this product goes beyond my expectations. My skin is dry but this scrub removes and replenishes leaving my skin so soft just like a babies new skin. Thank you Bombay Beauty for such an incredible and natural product!❤️

My skin has never felt so hydrated

This balm will keep you hydrated for 24 hours guarantee!! I love it!

The best exfoliant!!!

It leaves your skin feeling amazing and glowing for days!!!!!!

Made well!

I used it at my son's. I really liked it.


I love love love these products!!!!!!!

Sandalwood Elixir Scalp Stimulate Oil Treatment
Marie Garcia
Good stuff

Been using for about 3 weeks my roots are definitely growing in thicker

Very Durable

I pretty much have all the stones for Gua sha this particular one is very durable, soft finish gets the job done i use with a plum oil nice glide

Best Balm EVER!

My skin is very dry all year long, this by far is the best balm I’ve tried. Really stays on my skin I can see a difference! Thank you


Love my soaps! Leaves my skin so soft💝

Brick Lip Lacquer
Vicki Howell
So creamy!

A little goes a long way. I love how creamy and moist the lip lacquer is. I bought one for my friend, too!

Orange velvet body balm treatment

Love this body balm! It smells so good and moisturizes your body. A little goes a long way!

Sandalwood Elixir Scalp Stimulate Oil Treatment
It works!!!

After using the product my scalp felt stimuated. I have seen growth on the crown of my head which is where I have been losing hair. I recommend this product to keep your hear healthy, stronger, and fill in the thinning areas.

Love this Balm!!!

Wished it came in travel size!

Pomegranate Kola Restorative Body Oil
Jalen M
Body Oil for Face!

I know it’s a body oil but I used on face and neck after shaving it’s healed my problematic areas!

Good Soap

Only use natural products, friend got this for me as a gift. My skin feels good after using, hydrated. The whole line is good quality. Want to try Body Balm.

Never thought I will use a product like this

My oily skin breaks out a lot Hate It!! I use mostly all products from doctor to help heal but they all really dry my skin out very flaky. I started apply this oil at night and WOW has it made a difference & it’s doesn’t irritate or make my skin oiler which I thought it would. It’s actually very soothing especially for those deep painful bumps.

Love the products!

Loved everything about these products... packaging , delivery, and overall quality of the product was great. The plum rose oil has kept my skin hydrated and helped with skin texture, my favorite product so far! Also big fan of the blueberry body scrub😍 keeps skin refreshed and great for exfoliation. Can't wait to make another order again!

Great addition To my routine

Skin enthusiast here, I get regular facials, laser treatments and peels. I use oil over my serums or Retinol at night. Oil feel clean and pure. Great addition to routine - definitely can feel and see difference in skin.

Best Balm!

I suffer from really bad eczema as well as my 4 year old. We use the balm every night after we bath, melts right into our skin. I swear keeps me moisturized for well over 24 hours. I was using Palmers or plain coconut oil. Best recommendation

Malt Lip Lacquer
Cindy Martinez
Everyday Lip Color

I’m always looking for a great nude with enough color. Either their usually too light or too pale. This color was exactly What I was looking for. At night i use a great liner to jazz it up!

AMAZING!!! My Skin Is Healed!!!

The Orange Velvet Body Balm Treatment is rich and creamy and completely restored my dry hands, cuticles, and feet. The rich cream penetrated layers of dry dead skin. I also used the cream all over after showers and my skin felt nourished. Great product! Great price! Definitely buying again and gifting to friends!

Luxury cream!

The instant it touches your skin it just melts on. It has a fresh tangy fragrance and makes your skin feel like butter!

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